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FRSCA Conference 2018!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

You missed it. Fire & Rescue Service Chaplains and guests gathered at the Fire & Rescue training College at Moreton in the Marsh for 3 days of mutual encouragement, training and getting to know one another.

We gathered twice a day in the Fire Service Memorial Trust Chapel and read the book of memorial for fallen members of the Fire Brigade which was always moving.

Good food and company and sessions on a diverse range of topics, including the impact of Chaplaincy on individuals, major incident response and even a tour of the Incident Grounds were included of the over 300acre site.

New Association members were welcomed warmly, mars bars were consumed and new ideas and a fresh commitment to a

Ministry of:

loitering with no intent

Our association draws Widows, former Fire Fighters, and many other volunteers from all walks of life together. We support each other to be a

Patient Presence

Knowing that we aren't Chaplains to answer the why question for those we meet, but a listening ear and a sign of Hope in Jesus name.

If you want to know more about the association then please contact us and make sure you don't miss next year's conference.

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